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About Autside

At Autside, we have combined our love of fun, with our desire to give back. We are honored to partner with organizations that support individuals with autism and the autism community at large. Our high quality outdoor games will provide your family with hours of fun, while donating a portion of every sale to non-profits that support this amazing community At Autside, we believe in Feel Good Feel Goods. 

Go on. Get Autside.

Get started with our Pickleball Mini Bundle, an Autside top seller! The Mini bundle includes everything your family needs to get out and start having fun. So go on and get Autside today!

The Pickleball Driveway Mini Bundle

10ft Net, 2 Paddles, & Balls
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The Pickleball Mini Bundle is the perfect starter-pack for those who are ready to begin their pickle-journey. The Pickleball Mini Bundle includes: 
  • The Autside Mandoline 2 - Vintage Red & Sky Blue
  • The Autside Mandoline 2 - Green & Reflex Yellow
  • The PickleNet Mini System - 10ft Driveway Net
  • Oso Pickleballs - Set of 3

The Autside Mandoline 2

The Mandoline 2 has the responsibility of bringing both newcomer success and veteran edge to its performance and play. Inspired by the instrument but clearly named after the culinary utensil, The Mandoline 2 is engineered with a polypropylene core and graphite face to ensure uncommon command of pickle play. Pay heed, as this paddle will be known for its julienne cuts and wicked slices and ensure that we all must RESPECT THE KITCHEN.

  • Honeycomb Polypropylene Core
  • Graphite Face
  • Durable Edge Guard 
  • Medium Weight (7.08oz)
  • Core Thickness of 0.594”
  • Black cushion grip with perforated holes.
  • Made in the USA

The PickleNet Mini System

Our PickleNet Mini is a smaller version of our popular PickleNet system. The PickleNet Mini is perfect for space-constrained pickle action. Our manufacturing partner OnCourt OffCourt offers an amazing product, as their proprietary PickleNet design and product is the best reviewed portable net on the market. This PickleNet Mini system is easy to set-up and comes with a durable bag that makes it easy to store.

Our PickleNet Mini is regulation pickleball height at 34” at the center of the net. Measuring 10 feet in length, it is a convenient net system for use on the court or any smaller-than-normal area. The PickleNet Mini is also made with our high quality patented oval tubing. Enjoy pickleball with this lightweight portable net system perfect for practice/play in a driveway, cul-de-sac, basement, garage, etc.

Oso Pickleballs - Set of 3

In seeking the perfect ball partner, Oso was a no-brainer because of their commitment to quality design and their mission to give back. Available in sets of 3, these balls are great for entry level pickleballers all the way up to competitive players. 

  • Great for beginner or advanced players, these pickleball balls can be used by adults, children, and teens alike. 
  • Durable engineering as our balls hold true to form in cold or heat and do not crack under pressure.
  • Consistent Bounce due to Authentic Bounce Technology
  • Single mold balls equipped with 40 precision drilled holes for seamless balance and accuracy during play. 
  • Weighted construction designed to fly straight in a variety of outdoor conditions while maintaining an aerodynamic, fluid shot every time.