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Introducing Sounds Autside

At Autside, we believe it's imperative to have great music playing when having fun outdoors. For that reason we have created an Autside Spotify account where we’ll drop monthly playlists, aptly name “Sounds Autside”.  


In honor of our Pickleball line launch, our very first Sounds Autside playlist will be “The Pickle Mix”. This compilation is a fun, upbeat, poppy mix that crosses over several genres and keeps you toe-tapping and smiling whether on or off the Pickleball Court. Enjoy!     

To help us pull it all together, we’ve collaborated with musical wunderkind, Jordan Pierce. As a working DJ with a deep musical family pedigree, Jordan brings a unique love of several generations and genre’s of music. But the real kicker, is Jordan Pierce is a truly authentic (unofficial) Autisde Ambassador by being an amazing citizen with a deep desire to be active OUTSIDE.