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PickleNet System - 22ft Regulation Net
PickleNet System - 22ft Regulation Net
PickleNet System - 22ft Regulation Net

PickleNet System

22ft Regulation Net
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Autside sought to work with the best portable Pickleball net manufacturer in the world. OnCourt OffCourt has an amazing product, and their proprietary PickleNet design and product is the best reviewed portable net on the market. This PickleNet system is easy to set-up and comes with a durable bag that makes it easy to store.


The PickleNet is made with powder-coated steel and conforms to official Pickleball specifications, measuring 22’ x 34” in the center. The patented proprietary rectangular center strap design is the best in the industry and maintains a consistent net height. Adjustment straps on net edges provide excellent net tension. It is easy to assemble in a flash, and comes with a strong zippered nylon bag with organizing compartments for handy storage. Plus our patented oval tubing is guaranteed to not twist like round frames.


Check out our PickleNet Instructional Flyer for more information on how to set-up your net system. 


Portable Net Systems are designed for either indoor or outdoor use. However, please do not leave this product outside for extended periods. We suggest that you store your system indoors and not expose to wet or extreme outside elements. Although most Portable Net Systems are rust resistant, they are not rust proof. We cannot warranty products that are left outside for extended periods.